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This GrabMyEssay review has been coming for a long because it covers a company that thousands of students choose as their main academic helper. GrabMyEssay was founded in 2013, meaning it celebrated its tenth birthday this year. A decade of experience is a great benefit, so we hoped it’d be able to impress us with its work. As usual, our team sought to investigate everything. We wanted to see if this firm could deliver excellent papers, so we placed an order with its writers as we continued exploring its platform. On the surface level, we liked what we saw: GrabMyEssay has a pleasant and modern design.

A pic with a smiling student is welcoming, and by scrolling down, you’ll find crucial information about samples, prices, policies, etc. But we wanted to know more. Get ready and let our findings guide your future hiring decisions!

Placing and Getting Our Order: How Did It Go?

We ordered five pages of Economics paper to make our Grab My Essay review objective. There is no point in assessing a service if you don’t try it; we wanted to check how well it works and whether its experts deliver orders on time. Our deadline was 10 days, and we picked Chicago formatting plus sophomore level. Almost immediately, our writer contacted us. They had some questions about our instructions. We explained everything and then asked some questions in return. Communication was quick and pleasant, and it was clear that this writer was a professional. They understood our topic, as all their questions were relevant.   

Our paper arrived ten days after we placed an order. It had a perfectly defined structure, with each section following appropriate academic standards. Our writer's sources for research were new and credible, and the content impressed us. It was interesting despite the boring topic; graphs made the text more comprehensive, and there were next to no typos or grammar mistakes. Most other reviews assessed order quality highly, so our experience is not an exception — this company knows what it’s doing. Unfortunately, we noticed substantial issues with formatting, but after a single complaint, our writer edited and improved it. This way, we checked not just the level of writing but also the value of revisions. The results of both tests satisfied us.

Why Samples Are Important: Does GrabMyEssay Have Any Free Essays?

When academic companies offer free samples to their visitors, it proves that they care about students. We were overjoyed to learn that GrabMyEssay falls into this top group. It has thousands of samples available to anyone interested in them: there are 234 pages with them, and they cover a variety of categories. Just click “read sample” to see the text with no restrictions. After checking them, we concluded that most of them are original, but this is not what your professor’s plag checker will show. It’s almost guaranteed that at least some other students have already used all these essays, plus the GrabMyEssay website will come up in a search. Never rely on samples as on papers you can potentially steal. Use them as models for writing your essay instead. In addition, they can show you what quality a company might offer because they reflect the professionalism of its specialists.

Closing the Gap Left by Other Grab My Essay Reviews: Direct Analysis of Samples

Checking the originality of samples was one step, but our team was interested in going deeper. That’s why we picked two papers at random and analyzed their quality!

Essay Sample 1

Category: Medicine

Title: Benefits of using LED light to treat acne

Word count: 1540

Assessment: Unfortunately, this sample has low quality. We don’t doubt that the writer wasn’t a native English speaker. There are multiple grammar mistakes, like “failure to use protect eyes,” so some lines barely make sense. The presented ideas are strong, and the writer used great sources, but this is not enough to make this sample good.

Quality: Low  

We had better luck with the second sample.

Essay Sample 2

Category: English

Title: IELTS Test

Word count: 1636

Assessment: This sample is of higher quality. It covers interesting ideas, uses strong sources, and divides paragraphs into proper academic segments. While the language isn’t always sufficiently academic, we noticed several language mistakes, like using “aimed to determine” instead of “aimed at determining,” the overall quality is satisfying.

Quality: Medium

Based on this evaluation, our review of GrabMyEssay can conclude that the company has different samples. Some of them are adequate, while the quality of others is lacking. Be careful when using these papers.

How Speaking with Operators & Writers Benefited Us

Writers hold a crucial place in any academic company. We cannot know the specifics of GrabMyEssay’s hiring process, but the firm revealed some core details willingly. Its managers approach recruitment seriously: they sort through CVs, arrange multi-staged tests, and offer guidance to candidates. Less than 5% make the final cut. Operators are also important as they ensure the smooth functioning of a company’s work. Students often have questions — they’d like to know how the service operates, what guarantees they’ll get, and how much they’ll pay. A good operator should be polite, friendly, and welcoming; they must provide relevant answers quickly and offer advice without being pushy.

In the long process of our review, we had a chance to speak with both writers and operators. Both experiences were largely positive. Our expert was helpful and professional — they cared about writing the kind of essay we wanted to see, and when we mentioned a problem with formatting, they apologized profusely. Operators were equally attentive, but we had to wait for a reply over two minutes once. While this is a tiny drawback, we think it’s worth mentioning.  

Pricing Details: What Is the Cost of Your Essay?

Prices are always a problem. Sadly, the majority of people cannot spend money freely in unlimited amounts — students are vulnerable even more than others. But we have some reassuring information: prices are completely friendly. If you order a high-school essay with a 14-day-long deadline, one page will cost you $14.99. This isn’t much, especially when combined with a 15% discount every new customer gets. GrabMyEssay is a firm that has a decade of writing experience, so these rates are astonishingly low.  

Students could also order extra services. Need your essay sooner? There is an urgent writer selection for $15.99. A plagiarism report costs $29.99; a draft will be 20% of your pay. Additional proofreading service costs $5.99 per page. Some of these prices are higher than normal, like the cost of a plag report, but others are lower than expected. We appreciate the student-friendly pricing model GrabMyEssay has set up.

Bonus Points for Students

GrabMyEssay has invested much effort into becoming an attractive academic option for students, not just for its clients. It is evident in the friendly policies it established, plus various great tools that will be useful as you work on your homework. Some examples:

  • Revisions are limitless & free. Students could order as many revisions as it takes. Their satisfaction is the only result the firm accepts, as we saw in our review.
  • Available refunds. If you stopped needing your paper or hated it, order a refund, and the firm will return your money.
  • Conclusion generator. It’s a helpful academic tool that can finish students’ papers for them.
  • Guaranteed safety. Most employees have limited access to your information. For instance, writers don’t know your name and cannot contact you other than through the website. No one can misuse your data or learn that you placed an order with GrabMyEssay. Even better, this agency provides custom samples. This makes its work legal: students can do what they want with the papers they receive, but officially, they simply pay for guidance, not for experts to do all the work.
  • Original papers only. The company swears that it scans every paper via plag checkers, ensuring the originality rate doesn’t drop below 100% (10% usually covers research and quotes).
  • Paraphrasing tool. This is another awesome tool that changes words and sentences. It’ll supply you with a great list full of synonyms.
  • Writing guides. Find articles with tips and topics inspiring your papers on GrabMyEssay’s platform. We appreciated their existence.

Strengthening Our Review with Other People’s Feedback

Our team felt largely happy with the services we got in this company. After turning to GrabMyEssay reviews, we noticed that most of them are equally positive. People praise low prices, attentive customer support, and good quality — exactly what we also encountered! Our paper was great; the writer impressed us; we liked the presence of samples, flawed as they were, and we deeply appreciated secure policies. Based on this, we give GrabMyEssay 9.6 stars out of 10.

Final Thoughts about Our Review

We enjoyed our experience at GrabMyEssay, even though it wasn’t all perfect. Our essay had some initial problems with formatting, and one operator took a while to respond; free samples don’t have the best quality. But this pales compared to the best writing quality, cool prices, amazing discounts, and policies that keep customers safe. GrabMyEssay is a strong and reliable firm. Try it for yourself and tell us if our review helped!

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