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We are offering this review of in response to several requests that we have received from students who are interested in the services provided here. To conduct this review we have explored the company website, researched them online, and obtained a paper written by members of their staff.

Step 1: About

This is an academic writing service. GoAssignmentHelp AU is the Australian branch of this large, rather well-known writing service. In spite of its geographical focus, they appear to serve students worldwide. One notable difference is that while other companies allow for on-site communications, this service does all communication through email or WhatsApp. This means that customers must provide personal information almost immediately. The rest of this piece is our review.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

We waited 12 hours before we received any contact about our order. We were told a writer would be in contact, given a price, and we completed our order. We did receive our paper on time. Unfortunately, the writing was quite poor. The writer veered off topic, and there were several grammatical errors. Many of the sources were outdated as well.

Step 3: Writers and Support

Both writers and support were very courteous. They responded to our communications promptly. However, we did have misgivings about our writer almost immediately. They did not seem to understand our assignment, and at times we felt as if we were doing most of the work. Other reviews expressed similar experiences.

When we did complain to support our paper, we did not receive much help. We were told that as long as we had received a paper, there was not much they could do to help us.

Step 4: Prices prices are not published on the website. Instead, you must interact with the company via WhatsApp to get any pricing information. The same is true for any discount that may be available. In our case, there was none. We also did not read about any coupon codes. Our understanding is that prices vary. While our price was not too terrible up front, we can say that it was not worth the level of writing or customer support that we received. A GoAssignmentHelp AU promo code would be nice, however, the real problem here is data privacy and work quality.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

We did find a blog, however, that appears to be the only available

Thank you for taking the time to read our Go Assignment Help AU review. We hope this review has answered any questions as to whether or not there is a Go Assignment Help AU scam. We are sad to agree with others that Go Assignment Help AU ratings are deservedly below average. While we acknowledge the existence of GoAssignmentHelpAU testimonials, most students appear to have had largely negative experiences.

We strongly urge students to heed this and other GoassignmenthelpAu reviews. We have many other writing services that we have reviewed that offer good services at great prices. Please consider using one of those.

Mel K reviewed

I was really scared of buying any paper from an online service, and I wish I had trusted my gut! But this assignment was a headache for me and I had no other choice. My friend used a service successfully but she didn't remember their name, just said it had "assignment" and "help" in their title. I figure that was some other service.
Long story short, with this goassignmenthelp I scored F, and I did full payment at once. DO not do that!!!

Paige reviewed

My paper was extrememly poorly written! Alll calculations were incorrect!!! I got my assignment failed! Does your writer have a degree in Accounting as your website states????? NO!!! He cannot even add 2 and 2! My money was totally wasted! Thanks for nothing!

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