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We are offering this review of in response to several requests that we have received from students who are interested in the services provided here. To conduct this review, we have investigated a number of factors:

  • We explored the company website, to understand the products and services it offers, information about its writers and other key information about the company itself
  • We looked at published testimonials on the website
  • We compared pricing with other similar writing services
  • We looked at benefits and any unique features
  • We went out onto the web to find customer feedback about Go Assignment Help and also solicited feedback from users of o9ur website
  • We contacted customer service with specific questions about policies, processes and specific products
  • We reviewed blog post articles and looked at topics and quality of writing 

Step 1: About

GoAssignmentHelp is primarily an academic writing service, although they do also produce resumes for job seekers. They appear to be part of a larger multinational writing service entity that focuses on students in Australia who need writing help. At the same time, students from all countries are able to order products and services.

Academic help is in the form of original products, including essays, research papers, homework help, test-taking, lab reports, case studies, presentations, projects, and graduate-level works like theses and dissertations. Student can also present their writing pieces for editing and proofreading. Admissions and scholarship essays can also be ordered. The full range of products and services is clearly posted on the Go Assignment Help AU website. 

Here is a quirk in the system, though. While most writing services allow on-site communication with the company, users of this site will communicate only by email or WhatsApp. What this means is that potential customers will have to provide personal information upfront, provide the details of their order and then receive email notification of pricing, to accept or reject. 

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

Students who have an urgent need for writing services may not want to consider using GoAssignmentHelpAu. One student stated he waited almost 12 hours for an email response from the company regarding his order, and, because of this, he went somewhere else.

As to the quality of products, the reviews appear to be very mixed. The on-site testimonials are all very positive, as expected. But out on the web, feedback is different. Customers do complain about the quality of writing, specifically grammatical and word usage issues, as well as outdated and “elementary” resources. Some say that they believe their assignments were completed by foreign, not native English-speaking writers.

When we reviewed the blog on the Go Assignment Help site, we saw many of these same issues. While the topics are varied and interesting, it appears that they have been written by ESL writers. 

Step 3: Writers and Support

There is not a lot of information about writers on the company website, other than to say that they are professional with lots of background, degrees, and academic writing experience. The details about how they are employed are not given. 

We have to judge the quality of the writers by the feedback of customers who have actually received their products. All of them, by the way, state that they have received their products on time, even though they complain about the ordering process. 

While customer support was deemed to be courteous and attempted to be helpful, we did find that answers to our questions about policies, processes, payment, etc. were a bit slow in coming. 

Step 4: Prices prices are not published on the website. Instead, you must interact with the company via WhatsApp to get any pricing information. The same is true for any discount that may be available. 

Customers state that prices are not available during the ordering process. The order must be submitted and then customers must wait for a quot5e, based upon the details of their orders. This slows the process for students who have urgent needs. 

In terms of payment methods, Go Assignment Help accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. And, it appears that the company uses a third-party SSL-certified processor that is safe and secured. No customer should worry that his financial information will be compromised.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

As stated, the company does support a blog on its website. It also publishes a number of freebies – title and bibliography pages, revisions, and plagiarism reports. Some customers stated, however, that they had to pay extra for a plagiarism report. 

In terms of discounts, we could not find any publicized on the site. It looks like pricing is determined based upon orders and that pricing is fixed without any discounts, even for loyal customers who return.

Concluding Comments

We have struggled to come up with a final evaluation and rating of Certainly, the company is legal and provides the products and services it offers. But in the end, we have the following concerns about this company:

  • Placing orders and receiving pricing quotes seems overly burdensome and too slow, given that email and WhatsApp are the only means of submitting those orders and receiving responses from the company agents. Precious time can be lost for students with urgent needs
  • We have concerns over the product quality that customers receive. Too many customers have complained about compositional errors and poor resources, although they state that prices are not out of line.

Overall, we have given this company a rating of 2, on our 1-5-point scale. Students can find high-quality writing help that is faster, more efficient, and superior to Go Assignment Help. 

Dee reviewed

It is very hit and miss. If you order, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time before the assignment deadline. My assignment was a day late and needed to be chased through a livechat session. I am less than impressed with the service. I must admit, the assignment was quite well written, but it really wasn't worth the hassle of having to chase it up. I ordered 1500 words with 6 sources and received 900 words with 1 source. Then when it was reviewed, it came back with 1300 words and 1 source.

Arif reviewed

I want to warn u: these writers will screw you over. DON'T USE GOASSIGNMENTHELP!

Brittany Rangel reviewed

Prices are higher than on other websites but their services are poor quality. Really a lot of mistakes, both grammar and factual. I had to double check everything myself. Dont appreciate such approach, that`s just not professional.

Georgia reviewed

Got my essay written by one of their writers. Not really impressed. Quite superficial research and bad grammar

Mel K reviewed

I was really scared of buying any paper from an online service, and I wish I had trusted my gut! But this assignment was a headache for me and I had no other choice. My friend used a service successfully but she didn't remember their name, just said it had "assignment" and "help" in their title. I figure that was some other service.
Long story short, with this goassignmenthelp I scored F, and I did full payment at once. DO not do that!!!

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