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Table of Contents owners state that they have been in business for years; however, we have only found information that goes back just three years. We have prepared this GetEssayDone review using the standard factors that will give visitors a comprehensive overview of the types of writing and support they can expect from the company – information the service provides on its website, Get Essay Done testimonials published on the site, a look at samples and/or blogs that its writers have produced, pricing, discounts, benefits and any GetEssayDone reviews that we found on the web. Our summary of the company is based upon these.

Get Essay Done features

Products and Services You’ll Find

Students will find that this company offers a comprehensive array of academic writing products from essays and papers to reviews, reports, case studies, lab reports, and graduate level theses and dissertations. Among its other products are admissions and scholarship essays, along with coursework assignments and multiple-choice test taking. Students from high school through graduate levels can order products and other services, such as editing and proofreading.

The Real Proof – Writer Expertise and Quality of Products

Normally, we find some samples of written works on writing company sites. In this case, there are none. There is a link to a blog. Unfortunately, the blog either does not yet exist or the link is broken, because we were unable to access the blog at all.

We could not find testimonials on the site either, though the site content told us to check out what their customers had to say. So, we searched around the web to find Get Essay Done reviews at other locations – reviews sites and social media. We also ordered an 8-page research paper at the undergraduate level, so that we could see for ourselves the quality that is produced. Here is what we found:

  • There is very little information about the company’s writers, other than to say that they all have graduate degrees in their fields

  • GetEssayDone review comments and feedback on the web are mixed, at best. Former customers have complaints about quality, specifically commenting on poor grammar and resources that were too general and, in some cases, too elementary for college level work.

  • The paper we ordered contained some of the same problems. There were errors in sentence structure, lack of transitions between paragraphs and sections, and resources that were somewhat out of date and not primary, as we would expect for university level work.

Overall, quality of product is fair at best.

Get Essay Done discounts

Now the Money – Prices Discounts, Payment Methods

We had no concerns about the security of the payment process. The company uses a trusted and reputable third-party processor and takes all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

GetEssayDone prices run about average. We had two choices for pricing of our paper. The standard price was $119.92. If we chose the “Premium” level, we would pay $135.92. New customer will find a Get Essay Done discount of 15% with Get Essay Done promo codes to enter into the discount field on the order form.

Evidently there is also an offer for a Get Essay Done coupon code for referring others, but the details are not outlined anywhere on the site. We contacted the customer support department via telephone for more information on this benefit, but the rep we spoke was not aware of it either.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The short answer is, this is a challenge. There is a phone number, a live chat feature, and an email method of contact. Through the live chat feature, we inquired about a dissertation. The company offers a full original dissertation within 7 days, which we find questionable. When we asked about it, specifically if we would get a Ph.D. writer and a 7-day deadline, we waited a long time for an answer. The answer we got was to fill out the order form and wait to be contacted by someone. We found the same situation via telephone. We asked a detailed question about the research paper we were ordering and were put on hold while the individual sought the answer. It appears the company is using an answering service rather than employed staff for its customer support. This lowers our GetEssayDone review assessment.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

The company website has rather scant information. Some of the pages are too brief. We wish there were more information about the writers, some samples of what they have produced, and the blog posts they have written. There is just very little to go on, except for the scattered review comments we found off-site.

Our experience was less than satisfying. The paper was not the quality we would expect for college level writing, and the customer support was woefully ignorant about details. Further, promising a full dissertation in 7 days is just beyond the pale.

We are assigning a rating of “Fair-to-Poor.”

Checklist Review of GetEssayDone

Barbara reviewed

100% premium quality? No
Professional writing team? Again no
Money back assurance? Maybe. But it doesn`t work
Summarizing pros and cons, there are cons in 90% cases. I wouldn`t like to get same experience again.

Jeannie reviewed

Two to the support one to the everything else. I want the money back! I paid $500 for the entire case study. The bibliography was excellent, no doubts. But why weren`t there enough quotations? Why didn`t it have all the theme and purpose text in the introductory chapter? Such a weak resource.

Bridgette reviewed

This resource is expensive. I don`t like when at first I am promised to get a discount, I get the estimated price and pay 50% of it, and then when the paper is being sent to me I`m getting informed about some additional charges and no discount! Fake promises! This place is more like a fraud than a professional one. cannot be recommended as a nice place for students.

Pascal reviewed

No matter how many times I tried to phone them in I was not able to get a reply from the support. Only a submitted email was answered, yet, only after almost 30 hours! One more minus is their pricing system. It looks good when you use the price calculator, but when it comes to the real and final price - you receive a completely different one and it leaves you there thinking like "Oh Saint Macaroons what is that?"

Harvey reviewed

However, their name says you`ll get your essay done - in reality, you don`t get it done. To be more particular, you wait and wait and wait and again wait. When the deadline comes you just get whatever-they-had-time-to-write paper and listen to thousands of excuses instead of some real revision or rewriting.

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Have additional money and want to waste them? Welcome to Get Essay Done! Perfect place to spend a good amount for bad quality paper. I ordered my english literature term paper a week ago and what I received can`t be called a term paper at all. A bunch of quotations, few well-known names in bibliography and that`s all. Do not recommend

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