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EssayBox is an internet based writing service that targets students, job seekers, and business professionals. They offer academic writing including essays, research papers, term papers, etc. They also offer proofreading and editing services. In terms of business writing, they offer SEO content, grant writing, business proposals, and other similar services. Resumes, CV and cover letter writing is another service that is offered. In order to conduct this review we ordered an essay, took some time to take a look at the website, read other reviews, and performed a few price comparisons. We also searched for Essay Box scam to ensure that their aren’t any serious allegations against this writing service. Stick around and read more to learn how our experience rurned out.


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Quality of Products And Services

Of course, the most important aspect of our Essay Box review is all about the quality of the products and services. Unfortunately, we were disappointed on both counts. We intentionally selected an essay topic that was not complex nor designed for somebody in the upper grades. This shouldn’t have been a difficult assignment to complete, but the paper we received was awful. The inaccuracies and grammar mistakes were honestly cringeworthy. We took a look at other EssayBox reviews and saw that our experience was typical. Essay Box ratings on quality ranked quite low for us.

Writers And Support

Obviously, based upon the paper that we received, we cannot say anything positive about our writer’s abilities. However, they were quite polite and very apologetic when we pointed out the errors we found. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite clear to us that they actually understood the points we were making. Customer support was polite, and fairly adept at answering our questions though. They just failed to offer any acceptable solutions to our problems regarding the lack of quality in the document that we received.

Prices prices are way over the top. The lowest price, 22 dollars per page for a high school paper with a 15 day deadline is absolutely exhorbitant. When we take into consideration the lack of quality, it’s sad to think of the students who have spent this kind of money here. That can be quite devastating for a student who is on a limited budget. To put this pricing into perspective, 10 to 18 dollars per page tends to be the industry standard. Twenty two dollars per page is much higher than that, especially for a low level paper. The standard methods of making payments are accepted here including PayPal and debit/credit card payments.

Additional Features And Discounts

Quality websites often contain blog posts, articles, and other relevant content that are useful to those visiting who might not be ready to place an order. We searched the website for EssayBox testimonials, blog posts, and a variety of other content but found none. We also did not find evidence of coupon codes on the website. We searched for both EssayBox discount  and  EssayBox promo code and did not reveal any internet results.

Final Thoughts

We rarely give such harsh reviews, but to be honest we weren’t just disappointed by our experience, we were angered. To charge students such high prices for such law quality is appalling. We strongly recommend that students and other customers steer clear of this writing service. There are too many writing services that actually offer decent, original work, to waste your time, spend too much money, and risk a bad grade. Take a look at our other reviews, and you are sure to find a writing service that is a better fit.

Checklist Review of Essaybox by TopWritingReviews

Peter Kovacs reviewed

I had the WORST experience with EssayBox. I ordered a technical essay in early April and they said they have MANY capable writers. They kept telling me the essay will be ready in few days and then I would get NOTHING!! They wasted my time just like that for 4 WEEKS and finally they gave me an essay with 80% plagiarism and FULL of grammar errors and the rest was COPY PASTED from the data I HAD GIVEN THEM and had said NOT to use.

PLUS, in addition to me not getting ANY proper essays they even started telling me they cannot give me a refund as there is no grade on my essay to prove it is bad. It had 80% PLAGIARISM!!

After weeks of complaining to the manager and giving reasons etc to get my refund they finally accepted and said I'll get the refund in 3-5 working days. 10 DAYS later I still had no response and refund!!

WORST experience ever and I DO NOT recommend EssayBox to anyone. They are so unreliable and are the BIGGEST LIARS EVER.

Jena reviewed

Place for un-custom writing. Looks a lot like that.
More minuses to count - unreachable support team and no chance of samples receiving, you only get your paper when it`s fully ready, not when it`s being made. Don`t feel like working with them ever again.

Naomi reviewed

The research paper didn`t have a summary page (conclusions). It missed the due date for 40 hours. I didn`t get that promised plagiarism report. The support was there when I needed, but they weren`t able to give me all the answers I wanted. Price was higher than in the price calculator and no discount was given. I`m in frustration with this resource, but don`t think I will use it.

Junior reviewed

The price is the only positive thing about this resource. All of the others are worthless. They had been looking 5 days for a writer to finish my paper, due to that my order was delayed. I asked to make a one page summary, but somehow they forgot about it and I had to remind them. Strange resource and for sure isn`t the most professional.

Martin reviewed

The very simple and very basic paperwork was delivered to me. To be honest, I expected something better at the beginning... The price was okay but I didn`t get a discount. Either way, I wouldn`t recommend this place for usage.

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I should know that low prices of this writing company are the result of low quality! This is the first and the last time when I use it!

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