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One of our more recent tasks has been working on a review. In order to write a review that our readers will find interesting, we’ve done quite a bit of research on DoMyEssay. We’ll reveal our methods briefly in order to let you know what the background is behind this Do My Essay review. First, we wanted to know what other people thought of the service. So, we looked up and read past customer DoMyEssay reviews. Then, to get our own experience, we placed an order for an essay. We also did price comparisons with other writing services, determined the overall quality of the website, and searched for coupon codes.

What we learned is that this is an academic writing service and that they offer the common academic papers that one would expect. This includes, research papers, lab reports, essays, dissertation and thesis work, and book reports. According to their website they are based in London with customer support being located in Latvia and The Ukraine.

Quality of Products And Services

We always order an essay or other paper when researching a writing service. Our DoMyEssay reviews are no different. We ordered a four page essay with a 14 day deadline for a college student. We did not request any of the extra features that were offered. Unfortunately, we were not at all pleased with the product that we received. We are fairly certain that their writers are not based in London. We strongly suspect the same about their quality assurance staff (if they have one) and their editors. They did offer a free revision which we accepted. Unfortunately, it was still full of errors. It is worth noting here that quality is mentioned as a concern in many other reviews as well.

Writers And Support

When it comes to treating people kindly and fairly, we have nothing bad to say about the writers and the support staff behind them. They were very apologetic about their errors and did offer to fix them. Unfortunately, you cannot get a better essay when the person writing it simply lacks the qualifications to do so. Polite customer service is nice, but ineffective if solutions are not found. Students should not be concerned about a Do My Essay scam, but the should worry about poor quality.

Prices prices are fairly average. They run from 13 dollars per page to about 50 dollars a page. Because our essay was simple, who paid around 15 dollars per page for our essay. Had it been well written, we would have been perfectly happy paying that price. This was something that had a very bad impact on Do My Essay ratings across the internet. People simply felt ripped off. We can’t blame them.

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Additional Features And Discounts

The good news is that the website does contain a blog. From what we read, there are some interesting posts. We wonder why they aren’t writing the papers and essays. We also found many DoMyEssay testimonials. Unfortunately, the website is really difficult to navigate. Each time you click into a certain page, you have to click back to the home page to do any more exploring. That was pretty tedious. We were unable to find any evidence of a DoMyEssay discount program. If it does exist, it is definitely not in a place where visitors can intuitively find it. We also looked on external sites for a DoMyEssay promo code to apply to our order, but had no luck there either.

Unfortunately, due to all of the information above, we cannot recommend this writing service. Students should take into consideration one of our favored websites instead.

Checklist Review of DoMyEssay by TopWritingReviews

Saffa reviewed

I have nothing positive to say about them: they made many mistakes, refused to make a refund. Don't deal with these cheaters!!

JACOB reviewed

Do my essay is a site of illiterate people. The support team is the worst. Never go for it

Bonnie reviewed

Live chat is unsupportive. Quite tough to reach any member of the support. All the other sides are somewhere in the middle of bad and why not? Still, if I have to choose whether to work with them or not... I`d rather not.

Isaiah reviewed

Don`t ask them to do your essay, they won`t be able to. Actually, I`m not even sure that they hire real writers, maybe full-time students with a 3,5 GPA.
The DoMyEssay service isn`t cheap. They don`t propose you one time or life-time discounts.

Bethany reviewed

Their cliche Enjoy the freedom of plagiarism doesn`t work in real life. Among the whole amount of services that were given to me on this resource, the quality was the worst; there wasn`t a plagiarism report as it was promised. Support-price was fine, but not of the premium level. Not sure I might use it in the future.

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The support team is completely inexperienced. They know nothing about their company's work! I couldn't get any help from them!

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