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Step 1: About

According to its very primitively designed website, CustomPapers is a Chicago based writing service. They claim to be one of the few American based writing services in existence. Services offered are all related to the area of academic writing. It does not appear as if services are offered to business clients or job seekers. In order to convince customers that there is no Custom Papers scam, BBB trust badges are included on the website. However, there are no links to the company’s BBB registration or other information. In order to write our review, we took several steps. We ordered an essay, interacted with our writer and customer service, read customer CustomPapers reviews, and reviewed the content on the company’s website.


Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

To be honest, we were a bit confused when we went to place our order. There is an option to choose the quality of writing. The options are good, very good, excellent, and then the lowest option which was ESL writing. Why did that give us pause? The home page claims to that the company is American based with English speaking writers who were born, educated, and reside in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the UK. If this is true, then why is it an option to select ESL writing quality? Needless to say, we didn’t take that option choosing to opt for ‘good writing’ instead. As it turns out those quotation marks are necessary. The product we received was poorly written, full of grammar mistakes, and clearly not written by someone with an advanced degree. When we attempted to contact customer service, we were only frustrated further.

Step 3: Writers And Support

As mentioned above, we had extremely an extremely negative experience with our paper. This represents a very large part of our Custom Papers review. It could be possible that we happened to get a writer who was not up to snuff, but our experiences along with customer reviews indicate that things are not on the up and up.

Step 4: Prices

No prices are disclosed on the website. Instead, you place your order and wait to receive a quote. Because of this, we have no way of providing any insight into price per page, or whether or not the average pricing is competitive with other writing services or not. All we can say is that we feel as if we spent much more than we should have when quality and service are brought into consideration. prices are way too high, regardless of what is being charged.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

We looked for a CustomPapers discount but were unable to find any. No other sources mentioned coupon codes  either. Clearly offering a CustomPapers promo code is not something the powers that be have considered doing. Many writing websites offer up blog posts, videos, and articles. These posts are helpful to students and help establish that a company exists to do good as well as earning money. There are only CustomPapers testimonials. Unfortunately, when we reviewed them, they sounded wooden and scripted.

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If it is not clear by not, we found many red flags as we were investigation this writing service. In every single area our Custom Papers ratings were extremely low. Writing quality and customer service were both sub-par. There are very huge questions about the company’s honesty and credibility as evidenced by the contradictions in the claims they made from one page to the next. Even the unprofessional web design makes us suspicious, as well as the claims of BBB endorsement. Our recommendation is that students steer clear.

Checklist Review of CustomPapers by TopWritingReviews

Harry reviewed

run away as quick as you can. Once they take your money they become rude and never cooperate with you professionally.

Their writers provide very poor quality papers, and they will never revise their work without making extra payments.

If you have any problem with a writer, their support won't help. They just ask you to write to the writer yourself.

Dont waste your time and money as I have missed my deadlines and never got my money back

Eshaan reviewed

Paid $375 for a paper that I needed in 6 hours. After the 3.5 hours I got a notice in my account that the writer was reassigned and they need 10-12 hours to complete what I paid for. Don’t advertise and sell people a service that you cannot provide.

Maribel reviewed

I have ordered a dissertation a month ago. I received it a bit later than scheduled,KIMBERLEE "wrote" it. That's fine. I only read few passages and realised something was wrong, so I gave it back for a change. I haven't got time to read the full paper until few days ago when I realised the grammar was very poor, also it was supposed to be UK English, but looked liked it's beed done with Google translate. Please, trust me and trust your gut when I say you should spend your money elsewhere. And I've ordered the most expensive service-Excellent Writing-more like secondary school than university level.
Please note, I'm not paid by another company to make Custompapers look bad, they are. They will threat you if you try to get refund, so watch out.

Donna reviewed

Interesting service that isn`t able to develop a quality customer-writer-support partnership and isn`t able to complete a task on time. There are only two things that make this service a bit better - their affordable pricing and system of discounts. Still, not the most legit one to use.

Isaac reviewed

Hire this service only if you are not pressured by time. My essay was late half a day, which is not much, but I won't suggest it for someone with a strict deadline. This service doesn't respect the due time. God-forbid you need a revision on it!

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The support team is so hard to contact! It's almost impossible! Don't believe in all these "24/7" promises. Better go and find more serious service.

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