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Startups: Tools you Need to Survive

  • Author: Veronica
  • June 10, 2016
Startups: Tools you Need to Survive

Congratulations, you have started a business! This is the stuff dreams are made of. You go to school, you get your degree, and now it’s time to build on what you know, or think you know.

The first year of any business is always the defining point of collaborators, or sole proprietors. They jump out there after business training and think that the money is going to start pouring in, but if they are not savvy in their preparation of that first year and grounded in their expectations of what the business world is really like, it could all lead to despair.

The worse thing that a PHP website development company in Bangalore or a new business can do is go it alone, you need help and it comes in all types of tools and organizations online that can ease some of the frustrating moments that are sure to haunt you. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Foundersuite

Lawyers love startups, especially those that don’t know a thing about documentation. The one thing that drew us to put Foundersuite on the list was its extensive documentation software. You will be prepared for anything that you need with this tool. They also carry a network list of investors that you will have access too by becoming a member, and every startup needs investors. Over 10,000 startups are using this service and growing.

2. StartUpStash

For idea generation, market research and so much more, we found this site one of the best to add to the list of free tools that your company will use over and over again. It is a curated directory with thousands of leads on hundreds of topics. While researching this one it was hard to leave the site.

3. Pablo Buffer

You may need graphics for your business, and they can be pricey. With the Pablo Buffer software, you have access to thousands of royalty-free images to add to your businesses website, to use for advertisements or to integrate in your content creation. It comes with a text control feature, and you can upload your finished creations all absolutely free.

4. ShakeLaw

Businesses will always have legal documents to be signed, and the fastest way to do this comes with this free tool we found at Shake Law. They have a great way to have non-disclosure agreements, freelance agreements and many more types to be signed online and save the hassle of snail mail and red tape. They also have an informative blog that may be of interests to new businesses.

5. Business Tools and Templates

Your business will need many kinds of templates for different services and this site had a large variety to choose from. It also is a good resource for business planning, engineering, manufacturing and to many various businesses to list. What made this site different was that its focus was not on one main type of service, but catered to a wider audience and covered more sought after services.

6. Top Writing Reviews

What you do not need to bog down your businesses creative process is having to write documents, blog posts, advertisements, or copy for your website. Top writing reviews has put the footwork in for you by choosing what they see as the top writing companies out there. Browse through their list of available sites and choose one to get your writing needs met today.

7. Shopify

Although this site has a free trial, you may want to sign up for the premium account. Shopify lists some of the best tools on the market for startups and has a mailing list that you can join so that as newer updated tools are added to the list you will be notified. This is important because the development of software tools is turned over year after year. You want your business to have the fastest way of handling your business services so you will want your software updated regularly.

8. LogMein

When you are on the go and you need to be in touch with your business and your desktop, this is the feature for your business. LogMein allows users to keep in the loop of what is going on in the office when they cannot be there. You will not miss client emergencies, and you will be able to take care of priority projects from anywhere in the world.

9. AnyMeeting

Hosting webinars is widely used for business meetings online today. Your business will flourish and look savvy to investors when you are equipped with a service such as AnyMeeting. Start scheduling online events, sales meetings, product demos, corporate communications and more. They have a free trial version that you can try with no obligation.

10. K-9 Mail

Every day your business is going to receive and send hundreds of emails. K-9 is able to support POP3 AND IMAP email. Just load it up with all of your email accounts and you have one united email box to keep everything in order. Organizing all of your emails can be a time killer with K-9 you are beating that problem head on.

With these tools and many more that you can find searching the Internet, your business will be ready for whatever comes up. The one thing that we cannot offer is your hard work. It will take a lot of your time and effort to make this business happen. But if you are diligent and don’t give up, reach out for help when you need it, and consider collaboration instead of going it alone, you will definitely see growth in what you are trying to accomplish.