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Most In-Demand Majors

  • Author: Veronica
  • February 18, 2016
Most In-Demand Majors

Even though someone is free to choose what he or she is going to do for a living, it is necessary to know that some jobs are more demanded than others. This way, students can take into consideration the practical aspects before choosing their career. Unfortunately, most of the people who decided to follow their favorite educational program, without considering the trends of in-demand majors, were unable to find a job.

This article is going to present the most demanded jobs, in order to help people choose the right option for them and benefit from financial support and job satisfaction. The following jobs have known an increasing demand during the last years, and the forecast shows that this demand will continue to rise at least until 2022.

Physical Therapy Assistant

This is one of the degrees in high demand. With only a two-year degree, someone can work in the medical field as a physical therapy assistant. Lately, this job has become extremely popular, especially because the population is growing older and the birth rate is getting lower. In 2012, about 71,400 people were occupying this position, but it is estimated that in 2022, there will be around 100,700 workers in this branch. The percentage of employment is going to increase by 41%.

Those who are willing to become physical therapy assistants will be pleased to know that the average annual salary is of $59,000.

Dental Hygienist

In the past years, many young people have opted for a dental hygienist career. This position is part of the most demanded jobs, and the estimation shows a bright future for it.

In 2012, there were only 192,800 dental hygienists, but the forecast tells us that until 2022, there will be 256,900 people working in this field, which means that the demand will increase by 33%.

The news regarding the salary of these professionals is also encouraging, as the average salary is $57,000 per year, but an experienced dental hygienist can easily earn more than $65,000 annually.

Medical Equipment Repairer

When it comes to technical degrees in demand, the healthcare field is still at the top. Unfortunately, there are very few people who choose to follow this educational program. However, the medical industry is continuing to grow, and the equipment needs maintenance and repairing.

There were only 42,300 people who were practicing this job in 2012, but their qualification belongs to the category of degrees in high demand. At the moment, there are almost 50,000 persons who hold this position, and it is estimated that until 2022, we will need at least 55,100 medical equipment repairers.

The average pay for 2015 was of $46,000. To obtain such a job, you are required to have an associate’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree will be necessary for advancement.

Veterinary Technician

Another in-demand major is that of a veterinary technician. For an animal lover, this may be the perfect job as it requires charting medical data of the animals that are coming to the veterinarian. This means working with pets directly. This kind of job is also going to offer them financial stability, besides the professional satisfaction.

This is one of the two-year degrees in demand, and the yearly payment is  $30,500. The forecast regarding the need of personnel in this field is bright, as it is estimated that the rate of employment will increase by 30% until 2022. 

Web Developer

With the technological boom of the last years, there is no surprise that web developer is one of the most demanded jobs.

A bachelor’s degree is not a must for those who want to become successful web developers. Someone can only opt for a two-year degree because employers don’t look for diplomas, but for seeking skilled candidates for the positions they offer.

A web developer earns around $62,500 per year, but they may even have a higher income if they choose to become a freelancer.

The rate of demand for this job continues to increase, and it is believed that the society will need at least 20% more web developers in 2022 as compared to 2012.