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CV Writing Services Help – Don’t Kiss Any Toads

  • Author: Veronica
  • January 27, 2016
CV Writing Services Help – Don’t Kiss Any Toads

Older generations know the story of the princess who was looking for a prince to love and marry. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find one. But she did go to the stream every day and tell her woes to a talking toad – an ugly thing with warts and all. Ultimately, the toad talked her into kissing him, and “poof,” he turned into a handsome prince. He had been under an evil spell that could only be broken by the kiss of a princess. Like all fairy tales, there was a happy ending.

Your Happy Ending

For many years, people talked about how many “toads” they might have to kiss before finding the right life partner. But the same holds true for people looking for professional writing services that can produce the type of high quality writing products they need.

If you are looking for CV help, then you don’t want to “kiss a lot of toads” before you find the right help. You may already have a CV, but you are not getting any “play;” you may not know how to begin crafting a CV at all. But you know you need CV writing help if you are going to be competitive in your career niche.

CV’s are Unique Documents

You may have produced resumes for jobs you sought while in high school and college. But now, here you are, with your Master’s or Ph.D., and the career positions you seek require a CV. While a CV has the same purpose as a resume, that is, it is a marketing document (you are marketing yourself), its structure and format are entirely unique. Here are the major differences between a resume and a CV:

  • Resumes usually cover employment experience in a chronological order. CV’s cover background experience and positions by categories rather than timelines.
  • Resumes are short documents – no more than 2 pages. CV’s are longer and include prose summaries, in paragraph form, of experiences and accomplishments.
  • Resumes are composed and submitted for a huge variety of job opportunities. CV’s are submitted for very specific categories of positions – higher education, research, and, in some instances, executive positions with non-profit organizations.

So, if you are looking for CV writing services help, you need to be looking at writing services that have lots of experience in this product and that have Ph.D. consultants who actually craft them. Most generic resume writing companies do not have the staff to produce them correctly, because they focus on HR pros who write resumes and cover letters.

Where to Find the CV Writing Services You Need

One good place to look for great CV writing service is academic writing services. Some of the really great ones do have PH.D.’s in all fields who have lots of experience crafting CV’s for candidates just like you. These services stand out because of the following:

  • You get a single Ph.D. from your field assigned to your CV writing
  • You get to speak directly with that writer throughout the entire process
  • You have the right to review what is produced and to request any revisions you want, free of charge
  • The writer does not stop working for you until you are completely satisfied with the result
  • You can get multiple versions of your CV, customized for the specific positions you are seeking

Don’t Know Where to Look?

Rather than pouring over CV services writing help websites, go to a writing services review website. Here you will find ratings of the top writing services, and you can search for those that do provide CV writing as a part of their product line. Choosing one of the top-rated ones wil guarantee that you get the product and the customer service you want.