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Erik reviewed

I know that a dissertation paper is a long paper to write, but that's why I hired professionals, or so I thought. The delivered thesis looked like something downloaded off the Internet. Different paragraphs put together, without too much thought or consideration. The result was probably copied also.

Serena reviewed

What an awful writing service! First, they didn`t fit in with my deadline. Second, they tried to charge me more making it look like the first price was a wrong one (no way I was going to pay you more!!). Third, the paper was with mistakes. If you are a professional service that helps students, how can you deliver bad writing?! Do not recommend, seriously!

George reviewed

For master`s paperwork they charge about $25 per page. Somehow, my order of 15+days proofreading (5 pages) was evaluated $146 instead of $115. Their explanation was: it is because your order is a PhD, not a Master`s. What?! Even if it were PhD, how would the price get bigger?! Strange service that I will not use again for 100%!