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Jonson reviewed

Expensive and unuseful.
My paper was ruined. I asked for a normal and accurate research paper that should have been ready in one week. But it didn`t work the way I asked. I wasn`t even kept informed about the writing process. I`m disappointed, a lot! Was the last time I used this service.

Trevor reviewed

There are a lot of restrictions in my university due to what each assignment has to be of the highest quality. But wait, what did samedaypapers make for me? Correct. They made a total s*it. THANKS A LOT! What a "wonderful" writing. Really "GRATEFUL" for that!

Bernadette reviewed

Next time I`d better ask my granny to complete my multiquestion assignment in math, I believe she would make it much better than the guy in here, who called himself an expert of a high level lol. Dunno what they are thinking of but such a premium level of help is nothing to come to for the second time.