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Nick reviewed

The writers for this company are not good at writing. Maybe they are for ESL students or something? The quality is not worthy of an English speaking company. I am disappointed with their writing. I am not in IVY league college, just an ordinary 2-year technician training. Still the papers their writers provide are not good enough. I have to constantly re-write my papers and my professor has deprived me of such opportunity further on.

Justin reviewed

I don't think that this service is worth ordering from. I bought a research paper from them and it was awful. It was delivered on time, but I wasn't happy with its overall quality. I contacted the support team, but they refused to make changes or to give my money back. Now I'm left without money and without a good paper.

Harry reviewed

I ordered the Literature essay from this writing service. I was told it would be late for an hour and agreed to wait. But in reality it was delivered 2 hours later. I think that it's a disrespect. The paper was fine, it had very few mistakes in it. But the support team was quite rude. They didn't even apologize for the delay.