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Fredie reviewed

Want to get easy with your paperwork? Well, you wouldn`t be able to do it on this writing service. Although I have collaborated with different writing resources this one turned out to be of the poorest quality I have ever seen. Okay, their prices say it for themselves. Doesn`t worth my time.

Masha reviewed

Their old website illustrates their approaches for papers` creation.
I asked for full combination of IT case study and graphical model of the process itself. The first one was quite acceptable, while the second one was fully inappropriate! My request for a revision was proceeded but without much change in the outcome. Frustrating though

Carlton reviewed

The price calculator is lying!
First, you get one price, then - completely different one which is about twice as expensive as the first one. I ordered a simple essay of 8 pages and it was poorly written. It`s frightening to imagine what quality they give if you order something bigger and more important, like a case study or a term paper.