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Thelma reviewed

They don't do any research! I requested help with my research paper on the history of the notion of attention deficit disorder because I couldn't derive enough arguments from the sources I managed to find. And they closed my order because the writer couldn't find enough material for the paper. Seriously?

Davis Jr. reviewed

Their writers don't know the difference between writing a critical essay and chatting with a friend. Instead of analyzing the themes of the Flowers for Algernon or how the author conveyed those themes, I got 4 pages of monologue on what the content of the book was about. The support service offered free rewriting but I'll better do it elsewhere, so I won't have to explain the basics to someone claiming to be a "professional".

Rien1996 reviewed

There is nothing terrible nor exciting I can say about this company. Since the order placement to the due date I heard nothing from them and then just downloaded my finished paper. Maximum respect to one's personal space I'd say, haha
As for the quality, it's okay. I run through some free plagiarism and grammar checkers and spotted some mistakes. My supervisor accepted the assignment, I expect to get C-something. Gotta check out other services within the price range.