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Elisabeth reviewed

Totally impressed with their support department. They are such a great liars with such creative stories of why my paper was delayed and why it did not have a QA report. Awesome! OvernightEssay, where did you get them? I guess their major was arts (acting in particular)? Yes, indeed!
So glad our "working together" has come to an end!

Ondrej reviewed

It always makes me laugh when a resource is called something like one day paper or overnight essay or fast essay etc, when in reality the service cannot even complete a small essay within one week. LoL
Like seriously? And after that you expect people to come over for more services from you? Shame!

Misha reviewed

I do not believe that overnightessay has been on the market for ten years. They are just way too unprofessional for a resource with such a huge experience. To my big sadness, working with them did not bring anything good to me. Although they gave me a plagiarism report, when I re-checked my paper for plagiarism myself - the online app told me there were quite a lot of that. Who knows, maybe that is just me who got lucky with them, but I would not recommend relying on them.