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Rien1996 reviewed

There is nothing terrible nor exciting I can say about this company. Since the order placement to the due date I heard nothing from them and then just downloaded my finished paper. Maximum respect to one's personal space I'd say, haha
As for the quality, it's okay. I run through some free plagiarism and grammar checkers and spotted some mistakes. My supervisor accepted the assignment, I expect to get C-something. Gotta check out other services within the price range.

Helena reviewed

Custom written academic papers delivered on time? Really? That is your slogan? Then why do not you follow it? Why do not you keep the promise of on time delivery? Why do not you give professional support when needed? Out of everything that I had experienced with them I cannot point out a single positive item. Oh wait, actually I can. The never ever co-working again!

Davis Jr. reviewed

Their writers don't know the difference between writing a critical essay and chatting with a friend. Instead of analyzing the themes of the Flowers for Algernon or how the author conveyed those themes, I got 4 pages of monologue on what the content of the book was about. The support service offered free rewriting but I'll better do it elsewhere, so I won't have to explain the basics to someone claiming to be a "professional".