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Wanda reviewed

My application essay came on time, properly structured and logically comprised. I hadn't detected any typos or grammatical errors either. BUT the language itself seems too big. There is no way for an undergraduate to speak like that! I'm not sure I will be able to match my essay in the interview, it's just too forced. This might sound ridiculous and the help centre agent thought just that, but that's a real problem.

Micaella reviewed

Average, average and average. Looking for something nice with my law paper I olny got this ... em... how to say? awesome piece of writing?
I should have listened to a friend when he told me not to rely on them, but I did not. Except for the high price, they also postpone your due date making thousands of excuses. Does not worth, seriously.

George reviewed

Thesis to complete in 7 days? Only 3 pages? Yes, of course we can do that. The question that I have now - where is my paper?! It has been 10 days since my order and I still have not gotten it! WHy?!!?!?!?!?