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Brodie reviewed

I had my paper written by them and I would compare their ""high quality"" work to that of high quality work for a 4th grader. I had to go through the whole paper and correct almost every sentence for its grammar and its misspelt words. Also whoever wrote my paper did not know the difference between the words helps and makes. For some reason they would say makes instead of helps. Terrible customer service, the phone number they have on the website doesn't work I had to call a different number to get a hold of someone and when I did they were absolutely no help at all. I would never in a million years recommend this site to anyone biggest waste of money I have spent. They say they will refund me but I doubt I will get a quarter of what I paid

Jenny reviewed

It was great to get a 15% discount on my first order but unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the quality of writing. It was just awful. Grammar mistakes, troubles with spelling, wrong structure. I saved some money but in the end, I had to order this paper once again from another service. The only positive feature for me was their support staff who were friendly and tried to be helpful.

Jack reviewed

In general I am satisfied with my essay on Literature. It was well-written and had quite a few interesting examples. But the support is just terrible.