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Bridgette reviewed

This resource is expensive. I don`t like when at first I am promised to get a discount, I get the estimated price and pay 50% of it, and then when the paper is being sent to me I`m getting informed about some additional charges and no discount! Fake promises! This place is more like a fraud than a professional one. cannot be recommended as a nice place for students.

Jeannie reviewed

Two to the support one to the everything else. I want the money back! I paid $500 for the entire case study. The bibliography was excellent, no doubts. But why weren`t there enough quotations? Why didn`t it have all the theme and purpose text in the introductory chapter? Such a weak resource.

Barbara reviewed

100% premium quality? No
Professional writing team? Again no
Money back assurance? Maybe. But it doesn`t work
Summarizing pros and cons, there are cons in 90% cases. I wouldn`t like to get same experience again.