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Margaret reviewed

They say they are professional academic writing service - but that`s not true. They don`t owe the necessary skills to be able to develop high quality writing, even for high school students (can`t even imagine the quality of college papers that they do!). In general, this is more fraud than an efficient resource.

Lamar reviewed

Poor writing resource! Looks like its writers are running away like rats during the storm from the drowning ship. Otherwise, I dunno how could it have taken almost a week to assign a writer with needed qualification. Do not recommend.

Ricky reviewed

When you`re a medical student you don’t have enough time for anything except your studying! Practice, lectures, experience – there are so many things you need. Oh and especially the paperwork and reports from labs. I`ve been ordering last for a few times on different resources. But oh how unsatisfied I am with my experience at Essay Services. The lab report wasn’t completed properly. There were mistakes in terms and descriptions. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.