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Liam reviewed

Awful writing service. I ordered a book review from them, but the writer performed completely unprofessional paper. It really seems that the writer didn’t even read the book. Even I understand that the paper won't bring me a good mark. I'm sure the professor will give me "D" for it if I hand it in!

Noah reviewed

What should be said about the resource that gives you a plagiarized paper that does not meet all the requirements, costs an impressive amount of money and as a result, is being delivered with a delay in 20 hours?!
Of course, the only statement to make is: do not recommend and please don`t use this service, in case you don`t want to experience the same "quality" as I did.

Jasper reviewed

The worst thing you can do as a customer of any kind of a service is to get attracted by the low price only. Same happened with me and this "we give the best writing help" resource. They basically failed with every task! Poor and pretty bad writing, missed deadline, no MLA style formatting - what did I pay money for again? DO NOT RECOMMEND TO USE IT! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A STUDENT!