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Chris reviewed

This writing service disappointed me. They have unprofessional support department, who are not helpful at all. I’ve had a lot of misunderstandings with them. I ordered a research paper and the writer failed to meet the deadline. It also needed a revision, so I had to wait even longer.

Ronald reviewed

This company isn’t reliable if you have an urgent order. Their writers always fail to meet the deadlines. At least my papers were both delivered after the deadline. It's not OK for a professional writing service.

sheryl blackhills reviewed is a hoax. They advertize they will write or edit a paper and they charge you base on time frame you want paper. I ordered one in one day. I asked for the paper to be edited whereas I had written the paper, it was a college admissions paper. They sent back a paper but it had nothing to do with what I wrote and asked to be edited. It was a generic artificial paper. I wrote back and complained and they said they would get another writer. They wrote back again and said nobody would take it and I have three choices, wait for another writer, something else or get money back. I requested money back because they stink and I did not have another day and I paid for one day service that I paid extra for because they are "english" they said they would get back in 4-6 days, they didn't but sent an email stating my case was going to close, I wrote them and told them I complained and they said they needed more time to investigate. It has been over two weeks and they sent a email it was closing now. They are crooks and don't really have people review your paper, that is why they are cheap. It is not too hard to figure out with my email trails that they messed up, didn't deliver and should refund me but they didn't, I sent in a dispute with credit card company. You have been warned.