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Tom reviewed

I didn't get the "expert service" I expected from using this writing service. Although they say they hire only professionals, my essay was shallow and even had mistakes. I think they have never heard of proofreading a text. I would have been able to do a better job myself...

Devin reviewed

What an old website they have. At first I didn`t really take it into account. But I wish I had! The quality of their website perfectly illuminates the quality of the writing job they do for their clients. It`s a pity, that you can place your trust for nothing with a resource like this...

Hagrid reviewed

It is impossible to reach the support! The worst platform I have ever seen on a web resource. They claim to be a great place for ordering urgent writing assignments, but I don`t believe that`s true. From my experience, this service is weak on writing skills. Can`t recommend for usage.