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Gerbert reviewed

Good price but awful writing help. How can a service be called a professional one that gives real writing help when on practice the service does not even give you a plagiarism report to be sure your paper is unique?!

Miigan reviewed

This service should have been called Buy Them a Dictionary instead of pretending to be professional custom writing resource.
I asked to finish the term paper which I had started writing on my own. Of course, I expected it to be more than just an OKay one. But not from this resource. They failed to develop the main idea to the very finish. Waste of my time and money

Meggie reviewed

The pros and cons of hiring this service go something like this. The good part is: great quality product, nice and professional writers. On the downside, we have texts that need a revision and are not always on time. Be careful when you put in an order; it may not be ready on time.