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Weldon reviewed

This service was fine when I first found it on web. But since then it started getting worse and worse, and finally I feel like I'm not using it ever again. They have some nice guys writing papers but one of them is just bad. I had the paper by him revised several times and still couldn't turn it in properly. So I asked not to give my task to this writer and they said OK. But the second I saw the writing style, I realized this was the same writer I didn't want.

Lance reviewed

My article came unformatted and contained some weird pieces that didn't get along with the rest of the text. I believe these were the pieces the writer referred to when writing and never deleted for some reason. I though it was a draft and asked to send me the right document for what they told me it's what their normal paper looks like for orders like mine. Duh.

Theodore reviewed

They say that all the writers at the company are native speakers. Not even close. I am not into English grammar but while simply reading their text I found a few structures never used in English and lots of spelling mistakes. Moreover, they forgot to add references. I had to do it myself.